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  • About the Course

    This e-course provides the theoretical underpinning to understanding the purchasing business function. As such, it will benefit students beyond learning SAP Ariba. It provides fundamentals of purchasing that guide beginning purchasing professionals and refresh experienced ones. 

    The approach or style of this e-course is short and direct to the point with concise content for efficient learning.  To ensure learning is achieved, students are exercised with a single-question bite quiz after each concept section and a comprehensive quiz after each lesson. These quizzes train beyond remembering under Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Some answers to questions rely on basic intelligence, common sense, and practical judgment rather than on explicit lesson material to encourage independent and critical thinking.

    When students decide to take this e-course, ecpd academy ensures that the learning goal is achieved. Therefore, ecpd academy requires students to pass all quizzes (bite quiz and lesson) before moving on. On successful completion with an overall grade of 70% or higher, students receive a Self-Directed Learning Certificate.  Earning this badge of accomplishment requires diligent and careful studying as the Learning Check penalizes guesses and misconceptions but rewards confident answers (up to three times the normal score).

  • Accounting Context of Purchasing

    To appreciate what SAP Ariba does for business, it is important to understand the accounting context of purchasing and internal controls applied on purchase transactions to protect company's assets from waste and error or even fraud.

    • Purchasing Process

      • SAP Ariba Products