UK Software Copyright Protection

This free ecourse is the academic research on UK Software Copyright Protection titled "SOS: Dysfunctional Software Copyright Protection – Is There Limited Protection in the World of Programming? " that earned a Distinction from the University of Law in London. 

In a $4.5 trillion technology industry, software copyright is undoubtedly a valuable intellectual property. Leaving the market to its own devices, this property right is exposed to infringement, especially in the age of Internet. Fortunately, copyright law provides protection to software firms, entrepreneurs and developers. This, however, is balanced with encouraging innovation and competition.

The software copyright protection is largely converged globally. With particular focus on UK law, this Research resolved the question on how far does copyright protect software. Depending on which side one is at, the answer may be encouraging or disappointing. The author is a professional software consultant and aspiring software entrepreneur who grappled first-hand the issues in software intellectual property.

To understand software is to understand the software copyright legal principles and their application to infringement cases. To grasp the law is to grip the views of academics, lawyers and the software community. The author takes the reader through these all to find there is limited copyright protection for software. But there is hope for balance with proposals for law reform and judicial decision-making including an alternative infringement analysis approach.

Law graduate Espinosa  is a career-changer in law from accounting, finance and technology. He is a CFA charterholder, CPA (New York) and he has an MBA and MA in Law. He graduated with Merit and earned a Distinction in this legal dissertation in earning his law degree.