eCPD Academy Cookies Policy

This agreement pertains to cookies on eCPD Academy where we collect your user activity to enable us to provide you better online learning experience.

eCPD Academy


This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how we at eCPD Academy and our third-party suppliers may use cookies on eCPD Platform and how you can control us placing cookies in your browsers. This policy is an extension of the Personal Data Protection Policy with respect to cookies as well as included and incorporated in our Terms of Online Learning Service.

1.1 Cookies are a small pieces of your data sent from a website such as our and stored on your web browser. 

1.2 We use a session cookie to keep you logged in while you browse through our pages. This cookie lives in your browser until you log out or close the browser where it is removed.  We also use a persistent cookie to remember your username so that when you return to eCPD Academy you do not have to type it as it is already there.

1.3 We also use Google Analytics to track how you use our eCPD Platform services and ShareThis service to enable you to quickly share what you find as useful content in our eCPD Platform.

2.1 Our session cookie is essential for your use of eCPD Platform services. Anyway, this is destroyed when you log out or close your browser. Our persistent cookie is optional so you can disable it if you wish but you will just have to type your username each time you log into eCPD Academy.

2.2 Our cookies and those from Google Analytics and ShareThis can be controlled by you in your browser content settings. You can choose to block eCPD Academy (called first party cookies) as well as Google Analytics and ShareThis (called third-party cookies) from creating cookies in your browser such as this for Google Chrome:

2.3. Alternatively, you can manage your consent to the cookies when you see the popup screen “We value your privacy”.

By default, your consent is turned on for eCPD Academy and off for Third-Party Vendors (such as ShareThis) for

a.  information storage and access

b.  personalisation

c.  ad selection, delivery and reporting

d. content selection, delivery and reporting

2.3 You may refer to privacy notices of Google Analytics and ShareThis services if you wish.