eCPD Academy Intellectual Property Policy

eCPD Academy


This Intellectual Property Policy is included and incorporated in our Terms of Online Learning Service.

1.1 The ecourse content including written works, images, videos, and other copyrighted material are the intellectual property of eCPD Academy for eCPD-authored courses and of our eCPD Partner authors who created their own ecourses for distribution in eCPD Platform. 

1.2 When we use other intellectual property of others such as YouTube videos, we make clear attribution of the source, unless the material is clearly public domain.

1.3 We do not claim any intellectual property on any open-source materials or technology we use in our eCPD Platform.

1.4 If you create an intellectual property within eCPD Platform, we also respect your owner’s rights but you also grant us non-exclusive worldwide licence to use them within the eCPD Platform.

2.1 Your right to use our intellectual property is subject to the terms of this policy as well as those provided for by law including fair use and fair dealing provisions. We grant you access to a personal, limited, non-exclusive and non-transferrable licence (and not a sale) to our intellectual property while you are an active learner on eCPD Academy. This licence is for your own personal and non-commercial use in accordance with this policy.

2.2 You are obliged to respect our intellectual property and intellectual property of others.

2.3 You are not permitted to sub-license or re-sell the access and use to our intellectual property whatsoever.

3.1 If you believe that eCPD Academy has infringing material, we ask that you contact our Intellectual Property Officer at  Please include the particulars of infringing materials (e.g. web page, URL, etc.) and your proof of intellectual property ownership.